Steroid Injections (Ultrasound-guided)

A steroid injection may be given into a joint, tendon or bursa to reduce inflammation. It can provide short-term treatment for OA, RA, gout and possible long-term treatment for bursitis, tenosynovitis, synovitis and tendinosis.

No special preparation is necessary, however you should be aware of the after effects of the procedure (see below).

  • During the procedure

    With the use of ultrasound guidance to identify either, the joint, tendon or bursa, the radiologist injects local anaesthetic and steroid into the inflamed region. The local anaesthetic works quickly, so you should feel relief shortly after the injection.

  • After the procedure

    Unfortunately, the effects of the local anaesthetic wear off over a couple of hours and your pain will return.

    The steroid will take a couple of days to start working and you should continue to feel some relief over the next week. However, in some patients the steroid may take up to two-three weeks before they feel significant relief. The procedure will take 10-15 minutes.

    You should stay away from any activity that may stress the injected joint, tendon or bursa for the remainder of the day and over the next 5 days.

  • More Information

    • Previous films and CDs may be of use to our Radiologists when they are composing a report to your doctor. Please bring these with you to your appointment.
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    • We are located in Building C of Ascot Office Park. Take the lift to level 2 for Ultrasound examinations.

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