Images on Disc

Following your x-ray, ultrasound or MRI, your images will be electronically sent to one of our doctors for interpretation. Your doctor will also be able to view these images from their clinic.

If your doctor has specified it on your referral form, you may be given your films or a CD to take away with you. Our Radiologist’s report will be sent to your doctor electronically. The instructions on this page explain how to use the software included on our CDs to view your images. You do not need to download any software from our website to open the images on your CD.

Images on our CDs are in DICOM format. There are a number of DICOM viewers available, we include OsiriX for Mac and InteleViewer for Windows on our CDs.

Microsoft Windows

Included on your CD provided by SRG, you will find InteleViewer, a feature-rich DICOM viewer to view your images with.

InteleViewer should load automatically upon insertion of your SRG CD. If it does not, you will need to open My Computer and double click the icon for your CD drive. Open the Viewer folder and double click StartInteleViewer.exe to open the application

Mac OS X

Mac users are able to view their images using OsiriX Lite, which is included on all SRG CDs.

Begin by inserting the CD to your Mac. Navigate to the DCS CD and double click the OsiriX (Mac OS) application. If prompted, choose Copy Links. Your name will appear in the patient list. Double click it to view your images. A PDF instruction sheet for this can be viewed here.

iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

Using a Windows application such as ClearCanvas for Windows, OsiriX for Mac or Aeskulap for Ubuntu in conjuction with Osirix HD for iOS, it is possible to view your studies on your mobile device. Configuration settings differ depending on the application on your computer, however there are numerous resources online explaining setting up the iOS App to Query/Retrieve studies from your computer.

Referrers may also be interested in InteleConnect, our online viewing portal.

Ubuntu Linux

Aeskulap Viewer is free for download from the Ubuntu Software Centre. We have prepared a getting-started guide to using Aeskulap; download it here.

In addition to being able to run on Windows, Aeskulap can be compiled on any Linux/Unix machine with the required packages.