Blood Injections

Autologous and PRP Blood Injections aim to stimulate healing by injecting your blood into the specific location in a tendon that demonstrates tendinopathy (‘wear and tear’), partial tears or splits. Please phone reception for the cost of this procedure.

  • During the Injection

    A radiologist takes a small amount of blood (3-4mL) from the patient’s arm and, using Ultrasound guidance, re-injects it immediately into the location demonstrating abnormality within the tendon. The blood injected to the damaged location supplies the tendon with growth factors which initiate healing and stimulate the production of new fibres within the tendon.

    The procedure will take 10-15 minutes.

  • After the Injection

    You should rest the affected area for the remainder of the day, driving and manual labor should be avoided. You should arrange for a driver to collect you from SRG.

    A second injection maybe required 4 weeks after the first injection to further stimulate growth.

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