Accounts & Part Charges

Please email

or call

0800 774 9729

Please include your visit number or invoice number on all correspondence. These numbers will be printed on your Invoice.

  • Credit Card Payments

    We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards only. You are able to pay on the day of your exam at our XRay, Ultrasound reception desk. To pay an invoice by credit card, please call us on 0800 774 9729 extension 2. We will require either your visit number or invoice number. These numbers can be found on your invoice.

  • Southern Cross Medical Insurance

    For MRI and CT scans, we will apply for pre-approval on your behalf. Once we have received payment we will send you a receipt with any balance that may be outstanding.

    For XRay, Ultrasound and any other procedures, we will give you an invoice to send to Southern Cross with your claim form.

  • Other Private Medical Insurance

    If you are able to obtain a prior approval number from your insurer prior to your appointment, you will not be required to pay after your appointment. An invoice will be sent to you following your appointment, which you are to send to your insurer with relevant paperwork as soon as possible.

    If you do not have prior approval, we will require payment on the day and your insurance company may reimburse you.

  • Internet Banking

    Payments can be made online via Internet banking. Our account details are provided on invoices.

    Please provide the invoice number as a reference when paying online and email to inform us of payment.

  • ACC Part Charges

    There are part charges on all ACC covered X-ray and Ultrasound scans and procedures.

    Please call us on 0800 774 9729 to discuss what surcharges will apply.